Sri Ramakrishna’s teachings

Get up and start again

No one can say that he has never experienced failures in life. Life means ups and downs: sometimes you are high and sometimes you are down – never in the same. The essential thing is that you must fight all the time, whatever the results may be. You have to continue your fight even after a triumph because it is always possible to perfect the success obtained. Always try to do something better and never say you have done enough. There is nothing better than triumph.

Even if you fail repeatedly, you must continue fighting until the last breath. The Gita teaches that we should work without worrying about the reward: the work itself is your reward and there is no other to look for. Any eventual reward will be merely incidental. The reward is an incentive, but it can be revealed as illusory and can even discourage later efforts. That’s why work is more important than reward.

Take care of the media that the end will take care of itself.” That is, give the best of you: that is the only thing you can do and it is also the only secret to success. The fact of making the most effort is not a guarantee of success. We also learn in the Gita that we should not work carried away by any illusion as to the results of our efforts. It may happen that success does not come, despite everything you have done; even so, you must continue to fight, for that is how your inner strength develops, and this is much more relevant than what you longed to win externally. What counts is the experience that is acquired by the continued effort.

You can fail here and there, but this is a very small price compared to what you gain in terms of personality: your discernment develops, your perspective becomes clearer, you become stronger and more spirited, a person infinitely better in all aspects. Seen in that way, the saying “Failure is the pillar of success” makes sense. Never give up in the face of failures: that is one of the lessons of the Gita. The true test for a person takes place when faced with adversity.

When everything is favorable it is easy to move on, but to persist when there are difficulties when you are overcome by lack of luck, requires a lot of courage. The Hindus believe that it is possible to develop a great inner force capable of challenging all the internal and external hostile forces, in order to persevere towards the objective with tireless dedication.

One way to build such a force is to think that life is a sport and the rule of the game is that, whatever happens, we must always move forward, accepting both triumph and failure in the race. Do not leave anything to chance, just count on your own effort. The coward stops in the face of difficulties; the game receives them with pleasure because they want to measure forces with them. Always dare and never fear difficulties are the most important lesson to remember.

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